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EMCLab.ro - Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory
offer electromagnetic compatibility accredited testing services for customers since 2009

IMPORTANT: All the tests are made in a semi-anechoic chamber at 3m distance.
The chamber was made by TDK RF Solutions Inc., USA and is certified by
Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC, Seibersdorf, Austria.

CERTeLab - Laboratorul de încercări pentru certificarea conformităţii produselor
Acredited by RENAR for conformity to SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2018 standard.
The accreditation certificate LI 1163, issued under ILAC-MRA authority,
is valid between 05.03.2022 and 04.03.2026.
Accredited since 22.07.2009.
Download the Annex to the accreditation certificate.

Prices for the tests are at an accessible level for equipment producers, lower than the prices at other similar laboratories in Europe, but following the same rigorous quality standards,
and mainly depend on the type of equipment, the type and the number of tests requested.
We could accommodate other types of tests and for other equipment types, on client request.
For more information please use the data in the Contact.

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